p t usha

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P T Usha

Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha, popularly known as P. T. Usha.
21. Happiness and Fulfillment horoscope
P. T. Usha have the ability to truly enjoy yourself in the company of others. Quite cheerful and pleasant, P. T. Usha is not afraid to laugh and usually have an excellent sense of humor. P. T. Ushas mind is influenced strongly by beauty, and P. T. Usha may bring it prominently into P. T. Ushas environment. Anyone who can bring beauty into his or her surroundings is more prone to happiness.
22. Life Style horoscope
P. T. Usha is precisely the one, people are talking about when they say that behind every successful person there is a lover. P. T. Ushas marriage partner will motivate P. T. Usha to accomplish P. T. Ushas objectives.
23. Fast tracking memory
The Usha Expo at Thiruvananthapuram traces P T Ushas evolution from a strapping bare foot runner on the sandy Arabian coat in Malabar to her evolution as the first Indian female athlete, who lost out on her place in Olympic history by a nano second. Usha Ex 2013 was conceived to show case her achievements over a glittering career culminating in that moment of despair, which opened a new chapter in Indian sports. She hopes to instil a fresh enthusiasm in the next generation that loves sports.

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