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P T Usha

Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha, popularly known as P. T. Usha.
11. International Athletics
Usha made her debut into the International Athletics when she participated in the Pakistan Open National Meet 1980 held at Karachi. She grabbed 4 Gold Medals at the Athletics Meet. In the year 1982, she took part in the World Junior Invitation Meet (which is now called World Junior Athletic Championship) held at Seoul. Usha managed to clinch Gold Medal in the 200m and Bronze Medal in the 100m race at the event. Afterwards, she started working intensely upon her performance and by the Los Angeles Olympics 1984 she had improved considerably. At the Los Angeles Olympics, Usha won the 400m Hurdles heats but unfortunately lost the Bronze Medal in 400m Hurdles Final Round by a very minute margin of 1 100 second in a Photo Finish. Anyhow, her achievement was still historical in Indian context as she became the first Indian Woman Athlete ever to have entered the Final Round at Olympic Games. She clocked the race in 55.42 seconds which still stands as a National Record for the event in India.

Further, in the year 1985 she participated at the Asian Track and Field Championship held at Jakarta, Indonesia and grabbed 5 Gold Medals and 1 Bronze Medal at the championship. At Seoul Asian Games 1986, Usha clinched four Gold Medals in the 200m, 400m, 400m Hurdles and 4x400m Relay races. Unfortunately, she got her heel injured before the Seoul Olympic Games 1988 and still ran for the nation in the same condition, although couldnt fare well at the event.Usha bounced back in the year 1989 at Asian Track Federation Meet held at Delhi, and clinched four Gold Medals and two Silver Medals at the meet. At this time, Usha wanted to declare her retirement but as a last innings she participated at Beijing Asian Games 1990 and despite not being fully prepared for the event, she grabbed three Silver Medals at the event.

12. The Amazing Comeback
Usha retired from Athletics and married V.Srinivasan in the year 1991, but to the surprise of everybody she made a sudden comeback in the year 1998 and won Bronze Medals in 200m and 400m races at the Asian Track Federation Meet held at Fukkowakka in Japan. At the age of 34 years, P.T. Usha improved her own timing in 200m race and set a new National Record, which was enough to prove the level of Athletic talent still lying inside her.
13. World Record
In 1985 Asian Track& Field Meet at Jakarta {Indonesia} I secured 5 gold medals in 100meters, 200,400,400M.Hurdles, 4x400 m. Relay and 1 Bronze medal in 4x100 M.Relay races. This record of mine in the World of Athletics had been matched or surpassed by any other women in the World of Athletics till this date. In Mens section also no Male Athlete had yet to win 5 gold medals at any IAAF approved Meet.
14. History
P.T Usha and her friends in her native place chalked out a meticulous plan to launch the Usha School of Athletics in Koyilandy to train the young blood in Indian Athletics. A 20 Crore Rupees project, the school, Usha says, will be the countrys premier institute for training young talent.The Government of Kerala came out with an offer of 30 acres of land and a financial grant of 15 lakhs for the project. Usha School, was incepted in Koyilandi near Kozhikode on rented premises with twelve students. The students live and train under the guidance of P.T. Usha from day one based on a pre planned time schedule in the school. At present the school coaches eight trainees all girls.The method of study, exercise, diet, psychological counseling attitude building etc. are carefully planned and scientifically devised with the help of internationally acclaimed experts in the respective fields. Teachers who know and understand their students, know their sports, and possess developmentally appropriate philosophies help nurture the budding talents. A full time Certified Athletic Trainer provides medical care to our athletes.
Being away from city limits, the eight children travel to nearby institutions to pursue their academics at present. The school will be shifted shortly to Kilanoor, about 30 kms from Kozhikode. The proposed new facility will have an increased accommodation of 50 beds. The brilliant performance of U.S.H.A students in the national and state championships, in the infancy of the school itself makes us confident that more and more medals are on the way in the National Meets, Asian Games, World Junior Championships etc., culminating in 2012 Olympics and the successive events.We have made a humble start with the limited resources in hand and a strong will to make things happen based on the trust we have in sports lovers in our country. The Usha School of Athletics has received some much needed boost with Laureus Sports Foundation under the chairmanship of Edwin Moses the great hurdler, agreeing to associate with this project.
15. The Legend
The Olympic Games is a major international event of summer and winter sports, in which thousands of athletes compete in a wide variety of events. The Games are currently held every two years, with Summer and Winter Olympic Games alternating.Originally, the ancient Olympic Games were held in Olympia, Greece, from the 8th century BC to the 5th century AD. The Ancient Olympic Games was held as a series of competitions held between representatives of several city states from Ancient Greece, which featured mainly athletic but also combat and chariot racing events. The origin of these Olympics is shrouded in mystery and one of the most popular myths identifies Heracles and his father Zeus as the progenitors of the Games. According to legend, it was Heracles who first called the Games Olympic and established the custom of holding them every four years.

A legend persists that after Heracles completed his twelve labors, he built the Olympic stadium as an honor to Zeus. Following its completion, he walked in a straight line for 200 steps and called this distance a stadion which later became a unit of distance. The most widely accepted date for the inception of the Ancient Olympics is 776 BC; this is based on inscriptions, found at Olympia, of the winners of a footrace held every four years starting in 776 BC. The Ancient Games featured running events, a pentathlon (consisting of a jumping event, discus and javelin throws, a foot race and wrestling), boxing, wrestling, and equestrian events. Tradition has it that Coroebus, a cook from the city of Elis, was the first Olympic champion.
The Olympics were of significant religious importance, featuring sporting events alongside ritual sacrifices honoring both Zeus (whose famous statue by Phidias stood in his temple at Olympia) and Pelops, divine hero and mythical king of Olympia. Pelops was famous for his chariot race with King Oenomaus of Pisatis. The winners of the events were admired and immortalized in poems and statues. The Games were part of a cycle known as the Panhellenic Games and were held every four years. This period, known as an Olympiad, was used by Greeks as one of their units of time measurement.

16. Success is never an Accident
I firmly believe that perspiration is the key to it. Success in sport is determined by many factors including motivation, appropriate training, nutrition and tactics. Everybody can be successful in many things; but not in everything. At Usha School of Athletics, our aim is to succeed in whatever we realistically plan to achieve. As most of you know we believe in doing rather than making claims. We are determined not to be pulled down by any amount of controversies, distractions, bad mouths or accusations. As Arjun of Mahabharatha had only the birds eye in focus, all of us at Usha School see only the Olympic Arena where we intend to fight.
As the media has been highlighting, our students have performed brilliantly in the recent sports events. I am really happy at the growth of their performances and am confident that many of them will make it to the Big Day Olympics. I congratulate all of them and wish them a brilliant athletic career. I am indebted to a large number of well wishers who always stood by me, not only at the times of glory but also in difficulties. Your love, care and support are my strengths and with that in abundance, nothing will stop us in aiming high!!
17. Against all hurdles
Flying Rani, Payyoli Express, Golden Girl... the epithets are as numerous as the 102 international medals and 1,000 plus awards she has won at national & state level meets. Humble beginnings, financial shortcomings, inadequate facilities... the odds against her have been as daunting as the competition which she has outpaced on the track.But Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha is not just a winner in the world of athletics. This sporting spirit has triumphed in lifes race, taking everything from the dejection of losing out on an Olympic medal to allegations of drug use in her stride. Vinod Nair takes a trip through time with an achiever who has never settled for the position of also ran.

My life started with struggle: My earliest memories are those of jumping over fences as a child. But attempting the extraordinary was, perhaps, a natural offshoot of what was otherwise an ordinary childhood. Born to EPM Paithel and TV Lekshmi at Koothadi in Kozhikode on June 27, 1964, I grew up in Payyoli as the second of six children. My father ran a small cloth store and we were never financially secure. To top it all, one disease or the other kept plaguing my health.I was first noticed at school: One day, while I was in class IV, our drill master, Mr Balakrishnan, asked me to run with a student of class VII who was the school champion.I had no experience of running in a race. I just ran as fast as I could and came in first! I just couldnt believe that I had outrun the school champion. And neither could onlookers.I was noticed. My parents knew nothing about athletics: Forget about sports as a profession, even participating in races was not common among girls in those days.

18. The Inspiring Athlete
It is no exaggeration to state that in the Indian athletics history, no other athlete has become as popular as P.T. Usha. She sort of became a house hold name in India during 1985 and 1986. She is the first Indian woman to reach the final of Olympics. It is in 1986 in the 10th Asian games held at Seoul that Usha kept the Indian flag high and aloft by winning 4 gold medals and 1 silver medal in the track and filed meet. She created new records in all the events she participated. This is no small achievement for a girl hailing from a small town in Kerala.

She won the most medals 6 at Jakarta in 1985 at a single championship event. She won 5 gold at the 6th Asian Track and field championships and created a record for winning the most number of gold medals in one international meet by a single athlete. Her success story began with two gold medals in 100 and 200 meters sprint events in the 1982 Asiad. In the 1984 Los Angels Olympics, Usha remains in history to have missed the bronze medal by 1 100 of a second and to remain content with 4th place. During the period between 1993 and 1989, she won 13 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 1 bronze medal in four Asian Track and field Championship events. Usha has 101 international medals to her famous athletic career.

Usha was born in a cloth merchants family in Calicut in Kerala on 20 May, 1964. Athletics always interested her and during her school days she followed it and won 4 gold medals at the National School Meet in 1977 78. At the National Amateur Meet held at Quilon, she won 4 gold, one silver and one bronze medal. She set a new record in three events in the National School Games at Nagpur in the year 1979. When she moved to Mercy College in Palghat and Providence College in Calicut, she met a coach by name O.M.Nambiar, who is instrumental in shaping her athletic career and help her become a super athlete.

19. Family life and background of P T Usha
P.T Usha was born on 27th June 1964 in a small village called Payyoli in Kozhikode district of Kerala. Her fathers name is Paithal and mothers name is Lakshmi. She got married to V.Srinivasan and the couple have a son named Ujjwal.Her athletic talent was first noticed in the year 1976 when she was chosen to play for her district at the Sports School for women. Later in the year 1979, the renowned Indian athletics coach O.M Nambiar took heed of P.T Usha while she was playing at the National School Games and realized her exquisite talent in athletics. After that, he became Ushas coach throughout her athletic career. Her professional career ended in the year 1999 after which she opened her own school at Koyilandy in Kerala. The schools name is Usha School of Athletics. The interesting fact of this name is Usha ScHool of Athletics. During her career, P.T Usha has won a total of 102 medals at National and International meets.
20. P T Ushas Character horoscope
P. T. Usha is a sensitive and emotional person. The hard knocks of this world have more effects on P. T. Usha than they have on most other people, and P. T. Usha lose some of the enjoyment of life in consequence. What other people say and think of P. T. Usha is taken by P. T. Usha to heart. Thus, there are a certain number of things which cause P. T. Usha unhappiness which, after all, are not worth troubling about.P. T. Ushas manner is quiet, as a rule, and this quality gives P. T. Usha the appearance of being strong and determined in the eyes of P. T. Ushas fellow men and women. It enables P. T. Usha to get P. T. Ushas own way when P. T. Usha want it.P. T. Usha do not say as much as P. T. Usha think and while P. T. Usha is thinking, P. T. Usha is reasoning. It follows that P. T. Ushas judgement is worth having and people will flock to P. T. Usha for advice.P. T. Usha have several excellent qualities. P. T. Usha is highly sympathetic, which makes P. T. Usha a good friend. P. T. Usha is loyal and patriotic and are thus a first class citizen. P. T. Usha is, or would be a most lovable parent. P. T. Usha is, or would be, everything that P. T. Ushas partner could desire. Clearly, the good qualities of yours far outweigh the others.

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