new lotus flower tattoo designs

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New Lotus flower Tattoo Designs

41. Pink lotus flower with tiger
I love the tiger, water and lotus flower together.
42. Tribal lotus flower tattoo
I love it when beautiful things are transformed into tribal designs.
43. lotus flower tattoo
A mix of both Hinduism and Buddhism.
44. Lotus flower tattoo on the rib area
I wish the flower had a better design.
45. Red lotus flower on water
Superb tattoo. I love all the colors of the water and the flower itself.
46. Lotus flower tattoo with cloud and wave tattoos
The dark waves and cloud with the lotus flower depicts the meaning of the tattoo very well, being a flower that grows beautifully from a murky water.
47. Cute wrist tattoo
The white highlight of the black lotus flower is making the tattoo popout and despite the small size, it looks incredibly nice.
48. Cute and simple pink lotus flower tattoo on wrist
I also think this small tattoo will look very nice on the ankle as well.
49. Framed lotus flower with YinYang
Yinyang and lotus flower collaborated together for more meaningful tattoo.
50. Red lotus flower tattoo on lower back
Lower back seems like the perfect placement for lotus flower tattoo for women.

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