new lotus flower tattoo designs

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New Lotus flower Tattoo Designs

31. Pink lotus flower with a touch of yellow and blue
The yellow ink makes the lotus look like its glowing.
32. Purple lotus flowers tattoo
I do not like the black shading that goes with it though.
33. Purple lotus flower tattoo
Purple lotus flower means mysticism and spirituality.
34. Purple lotus flower with water and leaves
Simple and nice.
35. lotus flower tattoo with tribal touch
I would appreciate the tattoo more if the outlined tattoo will be colored brightly.
36. 2 colored lotus flower
Its also nice to look at to colored lotus flower, different colors from the inner and outer petals.
37. Buddha on lotus flower
This is an example of religious significance of a lotus flower to Buddhism. It represents ones fortune and purification in Buddhism.
38. Purple and blue lotus flower shoulder tattoo
The placement is a good idea for both flowers with different colors and meanings.
39. Lotus flower tattoos among other things
I love this mans tattoos, they are incorporated very well.
40. Black and pink lotus flower tattoo
Its nice that she added some characters below her lotus flower tattoo. I wish I could read it though.

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