new lotus flower tattoo designs

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New Lotus flower Tattoo Designs

21. Light Pink lotus flower
I love the colors on her sleeve and the placement of each tattoo looks so natural.
22. Colorful lotus flower hand tattoo
The colors are nice, but I still appreciate the soft colored lotus flowers.
23. Blue lotus flower
I love the outline of this tattoo, it makes the lotus flower glow and alive.
24. Realistic yellow lotus flower on a pond tattoo
Two thumbs up for the artist of this tattoo. It almost looks real.
25. Pink lotus flower and koi tattoo
I like it that they made the koi look like a silhouette and made the lotus flower brightly colored.
26. Red lotus flower with purple water
Women usually place lotus flower tattoos at the back, just right below the neck.
27. Tricolored lotus flower tattoo
No sure which part of the body this is, but I love the shading and the colors combined for this tattoo.
28. Detailed lotus flower tattoo
The details are unique and it made the lotus flower tattoo more stunning.
29. Black outline tribal lotus flower tattoo
I know that part is sensitive, it must have hurt a little, but its got nice outcome.
30. Hippie lotus flower tattoo design
This wouldnt look so nice on a tanned skin. Looks better on fairer skin color.

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