new lotus flower tattoo designs

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New Lotus flower Tattoo Designs

11. Stenciled lotus flower tattoo
Simple and nice.
12. Outlined and shaded lotus flower
Simple and nice.
13. Blue lotus flower tattoo
Blue lotus flower means wisdom or enlightenment.
14. Buddha head on lotus flower tattoo
The lotus flower has a great significance in the Buddhism religion.
15. Lotus flower and dragon fly
Some people like to add something unique to their tattoos so it wont look like everybodys tattoo. So the owner of this tattoo decided to add a dragonfly on the lotus flower, and maybe it has a significance on the owner too.
16. Mutlicolored lotus flower tattoo
I like the multicolored flower and the black ink as water. Surely this will attract many people to look at your feet.
17. Simple feel lotus flower tattoo
Despite the lack of colors, lotus flower tattoos are always beautiful.
18. Lower back lotus flower tattoo
These would look prettier if it were colored.
19. Full back lotus flower tattoo
The design is so feminine, I love it and its simple just like how lotus flowers really are.
20. Glowing lotus flower tattoo
I love the glowing effect of the lotus flower despite the black ink used as a color.

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