never seen water like this

Never seen Water Like This

Never seen Water Like This
41. Turnagain Arm bore tide Alaska
The elevated vantage point and sunlight help illuminate the flow of this tidal bore south of Anchorage.
42. Victoria Falls Zambia
On the Zimbabwe side, looking back towards Livingstone Island and Devils Pool, a calm eddy where visitors can sit directly adjacent to the plummeting water.
43. Mt Tongariro New Zealand
The Emerald Lakes on the Tongariro massif are old explosion craters that have filled with water. A close look will reveal a trail and two very tiny hikers.
44. Sua Trench Samoa
An exposed cavity in the limestone here in Samoa has been turned into a popular swimming hole.
45. Maelstrom of Saltstraumen Norway
Massively powerful tidal action 30km southeast of Bodo, Norway, creates the worlds strongest maelstrom.
46. Water like glass
This shot was taken at sunset at the Ouachita Whitewater park in Malvern, Arkansas.
47. Geysir Iceland
A quieter moment at Geysir.
48. Lake Louise Alberta
Glacial melt from the surrounding mountains in Banff National Park produces the emerald color of this Canadian lake.
49. Tahiti
Keith Malloy reaches out to an unridden Tahitian barrel as he enjoys the waves from a new perspective.
50. V ti Crater Iceland
The crater of the volcano Askja in eastern Iceland is mostly filled by ?skjuvatn lake; the adjacent and much smaller Viti Crater is also filled with water, which often differs in color from that of ?skjuvatn.

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