never seen water like this

Never seen Water Like This

Never seen Water Like This
11. Chicago River St Patricks Day
Every year on the weekend closest to St. Patricks Day, 40 pounds of powdered vegetable dye are dumped into the river to produce this result.
12. Daqubang River
While the Chicago Rivers color is (supposedly) safely achieved, the Daqubang in eastern China has been observed to take on bright hues of red, orange, and green as a result of industrial pollution.
13. Caribbean wave
Shot somewhere in the Caribbean, this is one of Chris Burkards 10 waves youll never find.
14. Dead Sea at sunset
The extremely high mineral content of the Dead Sea, which separates Jordan and the West Bank, gives the water a surreal viscous shimmer, creating interesting effects at sunset.
15. Newport Beach California
MatadorUfaculty member Scott Sporleder has endured many wintry mornings to capture intimate photos of water like this.
16. Devils Bath Waiotapu New Zealand
Located in the North Islands Waiotapu geothermal area, the Devils Bath gets its color from mineral runoff from the adjacent Champagne Pool
17. Wave action under the Red Sea
You dont have to dive deep to capture beautiful scenes. Here, Im 35 meters underwater, and I waited about 15 minutes to capture the effects of a large wave hitting the reef that I eventually liked.
18. Lac Rose Senegal
Algae in the waters of this lake northeast of Dakar produce a red pigment apparently its most pronounced during the dry season
19. Skradinski Buk Croatia
Krka National Park is another protected area in Croatia where water features are the central draw. Skradinski Buk is the name of this grouping of lakes and falls.
20. Red tide at Half Moon Bay California
The algal blooms that cause red tide events can occur naturally, but they are also the result of coastal pollution from agricultural runoff and other sources.

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