never seen water like this

Never seen Water Like This

Never seen Water Like This
1. Kelimutu volcanic lakes Indonesia
At the summit of the volcano Kelimutu, on the Indonesian island of Flores, are three lakes, each with its own distinct color.
2. Dettifoss waterfall Iceland
Vatnaj?kull National Park in northeast Iceland is home to this falls, said to be the most massive by water volume in Europe.
3. Bioluminescence off the San Juan Islands Washington
When populations of the bioluminescent organismNoctiluca scintillansswell due to increased nutrients in nearshore waters, this is the result.
4. Mushroom wave
When waves collide. Wherever this photo was taken appears to have been experiencing a red tide event .
5. Kona Coast Hawaii
Christmas Eve duck dive on the Kona Coast
6. Morning Glory Pool Yellowstone National Park
This small body of water, whose color comes from the bacteria that live inside it, is typically placid but can erupt as a geyser as a result of regional seismic activity.
7. Waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes Croatia
Plitvice Lakes National Park is Croatias largest and covers 73,000+ acres of mountainous karst terrain, with a series of cascading lakes and large falls, seen above.
8. Star hole Torrevieja Spain
This image was taken on the Spanish Mediterranean coast in April of 2010.
9. Great Blue Hole Belize
This underwater sinkhole, nearly perfectly circular in shape, is found within the Lighthouse Reef, part of the larger Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System.
10. Geysir Arnessysla Iceland
This is where the English word geyser comes from find it in the region of ?rness?sla, in the south of the island.

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