myth about anger

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Myth about Anger

myths about anger Before you can change the way you think about anger, and the way you act.
11. Anger is all about getting even
The most common motive behind anger has been shown to be a desire to assert authority or independence, or to improve one s image not necessarily to cause harm. Revenge is a secondary motive. A third motive involves letting off steam over accumulated frustrations again with no apparent intent to harm anyone else.
12. Only certain types of people have a problem with anger
All types of people truck drivers, college professors, physicians, housewives, grandmothers, lawyers, policemen, career criminals, poor people, millionaires, children, the elderly, people of various colors, nationalities, and religions experience anger. Anger is a universal emotion!
Anger management involves keeping your inner brat from saying or doing something that you ll later regret. It involves calming yourself, making cool headed assessments of the situation, and finally taking sensible action. With practice, this can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.
14. Domestic violence happens only in low income families
Domestic violence happens in all kinds of families, rich and poor, urban, suburban and rural, in every part of the country, in every racial, religious and age group.
15. Anger is good
When it leads to domestic violence, property damage, drug addiction, ulcers, and self mutilation, anger is definitely not good.
16. Learning to control my anger means I have to hold it in
Anger management gives you tools to help you learn to recognize your anger, and then make choices to help express yourself in an appropriate way. The goal is to learn healthy and constructive ways to express anger.Being angry all the time can adversely affect your health. Being chronically angry can make you more susceptible to illnesses such as: diabetes, heart disease, insomnia, increased stress, and a weakened immune system. Chronic anger can affect your mental health. Being angry takes a huge amount of energy and therefore can affect your ability to manage your stress. This can lead to difficulty concentrating, depression and other mental health concerns. Out of control anger can hurt personal and professional relationships and your career
Anger does not work like steam in a teakettle. It is not necessary to release it in order to avoid explosion. While it s true your stress level does increase when you dwell on angry thoughts, you can reduce the stress without having to resort to an outburst or tirade.
18. Domestic Violence is an anger control issue
Anger is a tool abusers use to get what they want. We know abusers are actually very much in control because they can stop when someone knocks on the door or the phone rings; they often direct punches and kicks to parts of the body where the bruises are less likely to show; and they are abusing everyone who makes them angry , but waits until there are no witnesses and abuses the one he says he loves.
19. Anger slowly decreases with age
The domains of anger between the sexes decreases for those older than 50, although men are still more likely to be aggressive and women are still more likely to have longer episodes of anger.
20. Domestic violence is not really that serious
Domestic violence is an illegal act and is considered a crime with serious repercussions. Although there are aspects of domestic violence (example: emotional, psychological, spiritual abuse) that may not be considered criminal in a legal sense, serious and long lasting physical, emotional and spiritual harm can, and often does, occur. Each and every act of domestic violence needs to be taken seriously.

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