myth about alcohol

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I just drink socially

Myth about Alcohol

The term alcohol originally referred to the primary alcohol ethyl alcohol,
I just drink socially

Drinking with other people does not make you a social drinker. Social drinkers might drink regularly, but they dont get drunk. Nor does a social drinker exhibit any of the clinical signs of addition to alcohol.

Foriegn beer can taste like urine
Bubbles go to your head
I can sober up quickly if I need to
Hangovers are nothing to worry about
The best beers have green bottles
Drugs are a bigger problem than alcohol
Coffee and a cold shower will reduce the effect of Alcohol
Its just beer It cant permanently damage you
Mixing alcohol with energy drinks makes you drunker
Light Beer is Healthier than Dark Beer
Alcohol is mainly a youth problem
Wine is the only good drink for the heart
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