myth about alcohol

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Beer makes you dehydrated

Myth about Alcohol

The term alcohol originally referred to the primary alcohol ethyl alcohol,
Beer makes you dehydrated

Beer causes you to urinate more, thus becoming more dehydrated.Beer causes you to become bloated, thus not giving you enough room to stay hydrated.

Mixing alcohol with energy drinks makes you drunker
A single sip of alcohol when pregnant can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
One drink wont affect your driving
If a person drinks long enough they will become alcoholic
Its just beer It cant permanently damage you
Light Beer is Healthier than Dark Beer
Everybody reacts the same way to alcohol
Alcohol kills brain cells
Eating Before Bed Reduces Hangover
Lite beers will help you lose weight
Taking Aspirin Before Drinking Helps Reduce Hangovers
Hangovers are unisex
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