myth about airplanes

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The most dangerous health hazard in the air is the cabin air itself

Myth about Airplanes

Airplane travel may be commonplace these days,but myths and rumors abound about modern flight.
The most dangerous health hazard in the air is the cabin air itself

The cabin air is fine and aircraft are outfitted with HEPA filters to clean it. The real problems lie on the chair upholstery, the tray table, the armrests and the toilet handle, where bacteria such as methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and E. coli can live for up to a week on airplanes that arent properly cleaned.

We have to dim the cabin lights every time we do night landings
Regarding lift the pressure change that allows a wing to fly
Hole in the Plane Can Suck In
Fountain Pens on flights
The bagged airline pillows and blankets are OK to use
Airlines clean the aircraft between flights
The airlines have taken steps to ensure that passengers cant contract diseases
Do people shag on flights
The Air on the Plane is polluted
The recycled oxygen on a plane makes people sick
Mogas cost too much and takes revenue away from airports
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