myth about airplanes

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Myth about Airplanes

Airplane travel may be commonplace these days,but myths and rumors abound about modern flight.
Trapped in an aircraft cabin Lets face it
The airlines have taken steps to ensure that passengers cant contract diseases
Airlines clean the aircraft between flights
The bagged airline pillows and blankets are OK to use
The most dangerous health hazard in the air is the cabin air itself
Hole in the Plane Can Suck In
You Get Drunk Faster on the Plane
Air in the Oxygen Masks Can Get You High
The Air on the Plane is polluted
Open all the windows during takeoff and landing
We have to dim the cabin lights every time we do night landings
Hot coffee or a glass of wine will improve the trip
Smoking on the airplane
Do airplanes run out of food
Do people shag on flights
Fountain Pens on flights
You should sit still in your seat to avoid bothering your neighbor
Ballpoint and Gel Pens Safe Alternatives
You should remaining seated with your seatbelt fastened
Turn off electronics gadget during a flight
All liquids should be left at home
Medication should be checked with luggage to keep it safe
Pets in air cargo
Lightning and the powers of the captain
Headphones that come wrapped
Never drink water from the lavatory
Can you unlock the lavatory from the outside
Feeding the staff
Best way to lock your bags
Electronics interfere with the airplane
When the planes flies without an engine
How the pilot acts when hijacked
Gasoline used in airplanes is unsafe
Higher octane is always better
Mogas cost too much and takes revenue away from airports
An emergency door on a plane is easy to open
The recycled oxygen on a plane makes people sick
Regarding lift the pressure change that allows a wing to fly
A gunshot/bullet on a plane will cause immediate depressurization
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