myth about adoption

A birthparent will never know anything about her child

Myth about Adoption

Adoption is a process whereby a person assumes the parenting of another, usually a child.
A birthparent will never know anything about her child
As the birthparents, you can help to develop an adoption plan that has the degree of openness you want The adoption process today seeks to share information on a level that will benefit all birthparents, adoptive parents and most importantly, the child

Can I continue with any fertility treatments whilst I apply to adopt
A birthparent will forget about the child released for adoption
Adoption is an irresponsible act and women who choose adoption take the easy way out
Adoption is a more traumatic experience for a woman than abortion
The best way to integrate your new child is to return to normal life
Birth mothers are all teenagers
If I adopt internationally
Adopted children grow up feeling bitter and rejected
Birthparents who care about their child would never consider adoption
Is adoption only for people without children
Adoption will complete you
No one can love a child as much as a birth mother or birth father does
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