myth about acne

Poor skin hygiene causes acne

Myth about Acne

Acne is an infection of the skin, caused by changes in the sebaceous glands.
Poor skin hygiene causes acne
Acne is not caused by dirt or surface skin oils. Although excess oils, dead skin and a day s accumulation of dust on the skin look unsightly, they should not be removed by hand scrubbing. Vigorous washing and scrubbing will actually irritate the skin and make acne worse. The best approach to hygiene and acne. Gently wash your face twice a day with a mild soap, pat dry and use an appropriate acne treatment for the acne.

Stress causes acne
Shaving Causes Acne
Acne Does Not Need Medical Help
acne is contagious
A diet high in greasy or fatty foods causes acne
Acne only affects appearance
Makeup aggravates acne
Iodine Causes Acne
Acne is caused by sex or masturbation
Acne is just a cosmetic disease
Acne is Just Acne
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