myth about acne

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Acne is curable

Myth about Acne

Acne is an infection of the skin, caused by changes in the sebaceous glands.
Acne is curable

Acne has no cure not with the most expensive prescription medication; not with the best over the counter system. However, acne can be healed and controlled with daily maintenance therapy with proven acne medicines.

Acne is caused by sex or masturbation
Acne is just seen in teenagers
You should let acne run its course
Popping pimples is the best way to get rid of them
An effective treatment for getting rid of acne is steam
Sweating helps get rid of acne
Acne is an infection
Popping Pimples And Zits Makes Acne Go Away Faster
Oral antibiotics are the only way to clear severe acne
acne is contagious
Acne Can Be Cured
Putting toothpaste on your acne can cure it
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