movie plot holes and paradoxes

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Raiders Of The Lost Ark Indy saves Hitler

Movie Plot Holes and Paradoxes

Top film scripts introduced unclear plot points and broke the rules they had established.
Raiders Of The Lost Ark Indy saves Hitler

Indiana Jones, hero of the Nazi Third Reich. Why? Well if Indy had just stayed at home during Raiders Of The Lost Ark, World War II would probably never have happened. By his getting involved and reacting to events, he sets in motion a chain of situations that saves Hitler s life. Belloq would have eventually uncovered the location of the Well of Souls (he was after all a good archaeologist, if a little misguided) and sent the Ark back to Berlin. Which is where Hitler would have opened it and had his face melted by the Angels of Death. Of course, there is a very fair argument that Belloq would still have opened it pre Hitler anyway, and thanks to Indy being there, the Ark was prevented from being loosed on the world (and put into storage instead). So maybe Indy isn t a friend of the Third Reich after all.

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