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Most Valuable Sports Teams in the World

Real Madrid
Dallas Cowboys
New York Yankees
Manchester United
Los Angeles Lakers
New England Patriots
New York Knicks
Los Angeles Dodgers
Washington Redskins
Bayern Munich
Boston Red Sox
New York Giants
Chicago Bulls
San Francisco Giants
Houston Texans
Chicago Cubs
New York Jets
Philadelphia Eagles
Boston Celtics
Chicago Bears
Los Angeles Clippers
San Francisco 49ers
Baltimore Ravens
Brooklyn Nets
Denver Broncos
Indianapolis Colts
St Louis Cardinals
Green Bay Packers
Manchester City
New York Mets
Pittsburgh Steelers
Seattle Seahawks
Golden State Warriors
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Miami Dolphins
Toronto Maple Leafs
Washington Nationals
Carolina Panthers
Houston Rockets
Philadelphia Phillies
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Texas Rangers
Miami Heat
Tennessee Titans
Atlanta Braves
Dallas Mavericks
Minnesota Vikings
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