most useless inventions ever

Most Useless Inventions Ever

Some inventions are just so pointless that they end up on our list.
1. Portable Chin Rest
A chinrest is a shaped piece of wood (or plastic) attached to the body of a violin or a viola to aid in the positioning of the player jaw or chin on the instrument.The chinrest may be made of ebony, rosewood, boxwood, or plastic.It was invented by Louis Spohr in the early 19th century historically, this has been explained as a response to increasingly difficult repertoire which demanded freer left hand techniques than had previously been used however, Spohr intended his small block attached to the bout to protect the tailpiece, which he reportedly broke with his vigorous playing.However, after being promoted by prominent violinists of the day, such as Pierre Baillot and Giovanni Battista Viotti, it gained quick acceptance among most violists violinists and is today considered a standard part of the viola and violin.
2. Control Alt Delete Wand
If you were using Windows in the 90 like this dude seems to be, a tool like this could have dramatically increased your productivity.
3. Wind Powered Clothes Dryer
The cost of building the device is but a small fraction of the price of even a used clothes dryer.Even more money will be saved over the long term because the SPCD uses no electricity or gas.The energy is free actually a combination of solar and wind power.The most important item is rope.Wire can also be used, as long as it is protected from rust or other corrosion.You may also need some sturdy hooks or nails.Ideally the SPCD should be outdoors in an area where the sun shines.Survey the area for sturdy vertical objects at least 6 feet high.You need a least two of them.Trees, poles, and buildings work well.The illustration shows a typical installation.
4. Baby Mop
The Baby Mop was inspired by a Japanese ad spoof, according to Mike Parker, director of operations at, which makes the outfit.I think was in the late 90s and the photograph has been floating around the internet for years, he tells NewsFeed.Since the Baby Mop went on sale on their site, sales have grown exponentially.At first it was two or three a day, and we were like, oh wow people are actually buying these.Then it just kind of took off.All of a sudden they were like crazy double digits, he says.As far as anything thats not tshirt related, nothing has taken off like this.
5. Solar Powered Cigarette
Smokers, prepare to look even cooler than normal when youre smoking.Instead of lighting your smoke with a nambypamby Bic or a holierthanthou Zippo, you could be harnessing the power of the sun! Imagine its rays streaking toward Earth like a comet trying to catch a bus, collecting in a momentous joyfulness on a small, reflective dish that dish attached to a weird springy, coily thing that itself is attached to your unlit cigarette.
6. Car Exhaust Grill
Mmmm, cancer never tasted so good! This invention allows users to make nice savory burgers with car exhaust.The makers say the fumes stay away from the burger, but really, is it worth the risk.Plus, if you do not have the time to make a burger, but you do have the time to use an ignorant device like this, you need to reprioritize your life.
7. Air Conditioned Shoes
Air Conditioned Shoes provide extra fresh air in your soles, however, it just a pair of shoes with holes in them.Not only is it not an upgraded shoe, it an incomplete product they are trying to pass as a luxurious item.They claim the product has unique filter technology.Yeah, we can put holes in our own shoes and not pay doller75 for it.We will admit though that the guy smile in the photo almost had us sold.His grin is freaking huge.
8. iPotty
The CTA Digital iPotty is meant to make potty training less of a chore for kids however, the whole idea is nasty and unnecessary.You know your kids are going to get crap on your technology this way.What kid needs to be entertained even when on the crapper.
9. Shoe Umbrella
The Shoe Umbrella helps your feet stay dry from the rain.It also takes waterproofing way too far.The shoes look ridiculous, and they are not worth it.You will get soaked by the jokes that will undoubtedly shower you on the street by gawking strangers
10. USB Pet Rock
The USB Pet Rock plugs into your computer and guess what it does.Nothing.The makers claim it is good for entertainment, because you can make up stories when people ask you.However, we think it a complete waste of money.There no fooling us.Sorry bro.

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