most useless inventions ever

Solar Powered Cigarette

Most Useless Inventions Ever

Some inventions are just so pointless that they end up on our list.
Solar Powered Cigarette

Smokers, prepare to look even cooler than normal when youre smoking.Instead of lighting your smoke with a nambypamby Bic or a holierthanthou Zippo, you could be harnessing the power of the sun! Imagine its rays streaking toward Earth like a comet trying to catch a bus, collecting in a momentous joyfulness on a small, reflective dish that dish attached to a weird springy, coily thing that itself is attached to your unlit cigarette.

The DVD Rewinder
Diet Water
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Female Lap Pillow
Solar Powered Cigarette
Goldfish Walker
Portable Chin Rest
Shoe Umbrella
Hair Hat
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