most stylish athletes

Most Stylish Athletes

sports they say records are meant to be broken but style is forever. These are the most stylish athl
1. Joe Dimaggio
The Yankee Clipper married Marilyn Monroe at San Francisco City Hall in 1954. Before the last grain of rice was thrown, he had become the 20th century most photographed athlete. DiMaggio made the most of this attention, allowing his broad shouldered sartorial choices to speak for him. Long after the New York centerfielder playing days were over he remained a fixture in the public consciousness as a pitchman and song lyric subject. DiMaggio wide, double breasted suit was the height of 1950s style, but we suspect more people were looking at his arm candy than his clothes.
2. Walt Frazier
The sight of Frazier stepping out of a Rolls Royce, dressed in a full length mink coat and Borsalino hat to play a game at Madison Square Garden, is of the enduring images in New York Knicks history. A 6 4 guard on the last New York basketball team to win a world title, Frazier was also the first jock to earn a shoe deal. As with most taller than average men, he understood the value of tailoring.
3. Joe Namath
Having Manhattan as a platform can transform the most scruffy athlete into a style icon. The New York Jets quarterback sported long hair, the occasional full length fur and a flamboyance that did not seem the least bit studied. While the man certainly knew his way around a bespoke suit, he also once made a commercial for pantyhose. Now that confidence.
4. George Best
In the sixties, when thugs, yobs and hooligans maintained a grip on soccer, the arrival of this Man U forward elicited a fanfare the game hadn
5. Payne Stewart
Until his untimely death in 1999, no fan ever showed up at a tournament and asked, Which golfer is Payne Stewart.In a staid milieu of polo shirts and khaki pants, he was the epitome of throwback style.Stewart wore outlandish plus fours that paid homage to golf Scottish origins and his peaked caps ensured that he would stand out even in overhead camera shots.
6. Alexis Arguello
El Flaco Explosivo The Explosive Thin Man was the picture of elegance both in and out of the boxing ring, dispatching opponents with an the temperament of a duelist. A tall, angular Nicaraguan, Arguello draped himself in the finest suits, styled his hair like a matinee idol and sported a brushy moustache that reminded no one of 70s porn. He was poised to run for mayor of Managua when he died in 2009, which shows how far fashion can take you.
7. Tom Brady
As Marilyn was to DiMaggio, Gisele Bundchen is to the New England Patriots quarterback standing by him even after his performance at the 2012 Super Bowl. A glimpse back at Brady as an unheralded rookie out of Michigan reveals a good looking kid with little regard for his off field presentation. After his 2002 Super Bowl victory came the magazine covers and that fateful romance with the Brazilian model. Now Brady is the gold standard in contemporary athlete style.
8. Bjorn Borg
On the bridge that connects Namath to Clay Matthews, Jr. on the long haired athlete continuum, stands one man, and he a hirsute Swedish tennis pioneer. Known for his storied rivalry with the mercurial John McEnroe, Borg was also the sport first sex symbol. He would adjust his iconic headband in a ritualistic fashion before each match. Had Borg been mediocre, his fussiness would have been criticized. Instead he became a mainstay in fashion spreads. Gorgeous women were his reward.
9. Derek Jeter
Jeter may be reaching his final days with the New York Yankees, but the star shortstop maintains great style, which is to be expected of anyone who spent 20 years living in New York.
10. Tomas Berdych
Berdych looks like the love child of Tom Brady and David Beckham (no fanfic, please) and it does not hurt that the tennis player dresses with all the panache you did expect from that duo stylish pedigree, like mixing every fashionable guy must have moto jacket with a shirt and tie and slippers.

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