most ridiculous chocolate flavours

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Most Ridiculous Chocolate Flavours

The Most Ridiculous Chocolate Flavours See more about thin mint cookies,thin mints .
1. Banana Chocolate
Banana chocolate is modestly delicious. I enjoy a chocolate who is straight forward with me.
2. Black Pearl Bar
Includes ginger, wasabi and black sesame seeds infused dark chocolate. This is definitely a puzzle for the palate.
3. Lavender truffles
Rich dark chocolate infused with lavender and cardamom. Lavender doesnt just belong in bathwater (although Id eat this while in a lavender scented bath forever if I could).
4. Naga Bar
Deep milk chocolate with sweet indian curry powder and coconut.
5. Goat Cheese and Pear Bonbon
Dark chocolate with goat cheese, Pear Williams and crushed black pepper buttercream. This is the fanciest chocolate of all chocolates. It deserves a little bow tie, or maybe a monocle.
6. Mo s Bacon Bar
This Vosges company really has this whole chocolate thing down. Deep chocolate with apple smoked bacon. Somewhere, Ron Swanson is shedding a silent tear of joy.
7. Kaffir lime chocolate
Dark chocolate filled with caramel and kaffir lime leaves.
8. Lemon grass with peppercorn
This beauty is white chocolate ganache infused with lemongrass, a hint of vodka and garnished with pink peppercorn. All you really have to say is ganache and vodka and Im pretty much sold.
9. Raspberry pink pepper truffles
Truffles loaded with raspberry puree with a hint of ground pink peppercorns.
10. Red Fire Bar
Mexican and chipotle chilies, ceylon cinnamon all melted into dark chocolate. I think this is the definition of it burns so good.

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