most respected countries in the world

Most Respected Countries in the world

21. Thailand
Popular as a tourist destination,Thailand is one of a few Asian countries on our list. It tended to score highin the appealing environment category (natural beauty, friendliness, etc)
22. United States
So lets get the negatives out of the way. Although the United States reputation abroad was slightly improved under the Obama administration, due to continued wars, spying, and a general sense of overreach/imperialism, the United States has managed to isolate even some of its allies. Furthermore,it has a reputation for violence, lack of safety, poor healthcare coverage, and massive inequality. With that said, the United States is still seen as the melting pot and land of opportunity. So, although there are 21 countries that are seen as more respectable,the US still has a lot going for it. And given the amount of immigration, the world seems to have cast its vote with its feet.
23. Poland
Although the Czech Republic has been made famous for the Prague Spring, it was Poland that ushered in Europes first post-communist government. Since then it has made great strides. In 2009 when the rest of Europe was having economic difficulties, Poland was the only country experiencing growth.
24. Czech Republic
As the first former Eastern block state to become a developed economy, this current EU country has led the way. Today its economy and political systemsareseen as a model for other nations that are trying to make the shift.
25. Taiwan
Although it is only recognized as a nation by 22 other countries(primarily due to political reasons involving mainland China), unlike its larger half Taiwan is seen as havinghigh press freedom, economic freedom, and human development.

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