most popular new years resolutions

Fall in Love

Most Popular New Years Resolutions

The Most popular new year's resolutions 2016
Fall in Love
Whether we care to admit it or not, we all need to be loved. Be it from ourselves or another person, love is one of the only universal emotions all humans crave. It also just so happens to be the one thing we can never fully understand. Do I like him or love him? Is she Mrs. Right? With all of these questions and hormones raging through our heads and bodies, its no wonder were constantly thinking about love. According to a survey conducted in 2013, people fall in love (true love) twice in their lifetime. With this in mind, Im not sure this is a good resolution. You cant force love, right? When it happens, it happens. Regardless, many people want love and want it bad. So much so that they make a New Years Resolution out of it.

Go back to school
Save money
Fall in Love
Getting Organized
Get a new job
Spend less time on Facebook
Have a baby
Improve a relationship
Enjoy life to the fullest
Spend less time watching TV
Do something for charity
Try an extreme sport
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