most popular new years resolutions

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Most Popular New Years Resolutions

The Most popular new year's resolutions 2016
1. Get a new job
If you ask your friends if they are happy with their jobs, they will most likely tell you not really. Its strange but the more job positions there are, the harder it seems to find people who really enjoy their jobs. As such, I guess its not that surprising that 10% of Americans make resolutions to find a new one. Whether they succeed, well thats a different matter.
2. Quit drinking
Im never going to drink again this is what many people suffering from a bad hangover say after every wild party. Nevertheless, there is actually a considerable amount of people who make a New Year resolution to quit (or at least reduce) drinking. However similarly to smoking, alcohol addiction often evolves into a physical dependence, which is extremely difficult to get rid of.
3. Quit smoking
Everybody knows that there is absolutely nothing beneficial about smoking. It is harmful to your health, it makes your teeth yellow, your clothes smell bad, it is extremely annoying for all non smokers and last but not least it is expensive So why on Earth do so many people smoke? Fortunately, many of them realize all these drawbacks and want to quit smoking. Unfortunately, only about 10% of those who make the resolution to quit the bad habit will keep it for at least 6 months.
4. Exercise
Often, working out is involved in the weight loss but there are people who dont actually need to lose weight (lucky bastards) but just need some physical exercise to get in shape. The outcome, however, is pretty much the same. According to some researches, most of the new gym permanent passes go idle by as soon as February.
5. Lose weight
Weight loss is an absolute evergreen. Its the most common resolution counting for about 25% of all New Year resolutions. Unfortunately, our determination usually lasts just a few weeks and people soon get back to their unhealthy, obese routine. Eating whatever they want, whenever they want and in any terrifying quantities.
6. Get out of debt
Paying off debts is a popular resolution that many have difficulty accomplishing. Keeping this resolution often requires a major reduction of people
7. Save money
Improving finances is a resolution that about 14% of people make every year. These days, as much as a third of all Americans have no saving so lets hope the resolutions for 2015 will improve that number.
8. Eat healthier
Sometimes included in the weight loss resolution, healthier eating is another praiseworthy vow we often make. Keeping it can be particularly difficult because many people have absolutely wrong and unsuitable diet and eating habits. Increasing the daily amount of fruit and veggies is a good start.
9. Get organized
Time management and better organization is another important thing many people wish to improve and New Year is a great opportunity to start working on it. An average office employee spends 1.5 hours a day (6 weeks per year) looking for things so better organization can help you save time for other activities.
10. Spend more time with family
If you manage to keep the previous resolution, it might be easier for you to follow this one as well. The beginning of the year is also an ideal time to spend more time with kids or reconnect with family that you havent seen in a while. Unfortunately, people tend to get back to their working routine soon with only small numbers of those who can maintain the goal throughout the whole year.

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