most popular animals

Most Popular Animals

Most Popular Animals
21. Fish
Ironically coming in just after the bear, fish have more species diversity (at 32,000 different species) than any other vertebrate animal. They also show great diversity in size from the 0.3 inch (8 mm) stout infant fish to the 52 feet (16 m) long whale shark. (And, yes, sharks are technically fish.)
22. Chicken
Chickens are so widely raised for their meat that they outnumber any other bird species today there are over 24 billion of these cluckers globally.
23. Horse
Used for millennia in war and labor, the horse originally had multiple toes (about 50 million years of evolution back). Most horses are domesticated and even the horses people refer to as wild are actually feral: their ancestors were domesticated by humans at some point and since escaped and lived in the wild. The only true wild horse is the Przewalski
24. Cat
Though charting at the spot on our list of the most popular animals on Google, the cat is the most popular pet in the world. Beyond being excellent companions, cats can see in near darkness, making them top notch hunters.
25. Dog
26. Cher Ami
Pigeons have played an important role in the history of war. They are extremely talented military messengers because of their homing ability, speed, and flying altitude. A full article on famous war pigeons could be made, including the likes of Commando, Paddy, William of Orange, and Mary of Exeter, but I chose to focus on Cher Ami. Cher Ami (French for dear friend ) was a Black Check Cock homing pigeon that was trained by the U.S. Army Signal Corps in France during World War I.
27. Shrek
In 1994, Shrek, who is a Merino male sheep, was born in Bendigo Station near Tarras, New Zealand. In 1998, Shrek decided to leave Bendigo Station and enter the high country of Central Otago on the South Island. For six years, Shrek lived off the land. In the winter, he had little to no food available, but survived. In 2004, Shrek was found hiding in a rock cave near the Bendigo high country ranch by a team looking for sheep. When discovered, the workers could hardly believe the sight of the sheep. He had avoided being sheared for six years, which is normally an annual process for a male Merino. Shrek was practically unrecognizable. The wool covered over 75% of his body and his fleece contained enough wool to make suits for 20 men. It total, Shrek

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