most popular animals

Most Popular Animals

Most Popular Animals
11. Rabbit
The rabbit is especially a popularly searched animal on Google in North America since over half of the global rabbit population lives on the continent. Rabbits are different from hares which are larger, have longer ears, and are born hairy and with good eyesight.
12. Spider
Turn away now if you have arachnophobia; there are over 43,000 species of spider known today and, out of all these spiders, we only know of one which is herbivorous.
13. Gray Wolf
The gray wolf is different from other Canis members largely due to its more outgoing and expressive demeanor. The dog and gray wolf came from a similar ancestor about 15,000 years ago in Europe. The gray wolf is properly popular on Google: it
14. Turkey
A common sight on American and Canadian Thanksgiving tables, the turkey bird was actually named after the country. The Turk people have inhabited present day Turkey since the 1300s and it was through this area that the guinea fowl was imported from East Africa to Europe. Europeans landing in the New World incorrectly identified the bird we today know as the turkey with the word Europeans referred to the guinea fowl as: the turkey cock.
15. Lion
Until about 10,000 years ago, the lion was a much more popular animal around the world after humans, the lion was the most widespread large land mammal in the world.
16. Pig
The top trending animal in 2014, the pig is also a highly intelligent and social animal and increasingly becoming a more common house pet. When raised for their meat, pigs make up 38% of worldwide meat production.
17. Snake
Snakes are often seen as creatures to fear maybe this comes from their presence on every continent except Antarctica and a few notable exceptions of Ireland, New Zealand, and some other islands. Beyond being quite a useful animal, the snake has loads of interesting facts associated with it, such as its generally only having one working lung.
18. Shark
Despite being billed as one of the most terrifying creatures on the planet, the shark is a predator but is responsible for considerably few human deaths only 4.3 on average annually. More dangerous animals include cows and horses which each kill 20 people in the U.S. alone every year. (The most popular animal on Google on our list even kills seven times more people than the shark.)
19. Bird
Holding its position in the top 10 (along with the following six animals) since Google Trends started in 2004, the bird is one of the most common animals on the Earth today. Since the 1600
20. Bear
A lover of on our list, the bear is a mostly solitary animal besides when courting or with young. Out of the eight species of bear, six are omnivorous; otherwise, the panda bear almost exclusively eats bamboo and the polar bear almost exclusively eats meat.

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