Most Obscure Sports In The World
Here some of the craziest, most obscure sports ever.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Sports with no cloths
There is a lot of interest in people playing sport with no clothes on. Taking off your clothes to play some sports is not recommended, and watching it being played by some people may not be a good idea either. It is a social custom in most parts of the world for athletes to wear some clothing. Today, the main exception is in naturist organised events, and some other events, such as the World Naked Bike Ride, in which people take part without cloths. There are also some cultures in the tropics today in which sports are played in the nude or partially nude. Some of most popular events in naked sport are the international Alps Adria Meeting , International Nudist Swimming Gala , International Naturist Sports Week , Roskilde Festival etc.

Sports with no cloths
Chess Boxing
Caber Toss
Bog Snorkeling
Mountain Unicycling
Wife Carrying

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