most influential people in the world

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Lamido Sanusi Central Banker

Most Influential People in the World

Most Influential People in the World
Lamido Sanusi Central Banker

The Nigerian Banking Industry is notoriously corrupt so when Sanusi took the reigns in 2009 things were not looking very bright. Without delay, however, he fired 8 of his former colleagues and ordered new legislation to bring accountability and transparency to the industry. In spite of having received death threats he continues to promote reforms.

Fathi Terbil Human Rights Lawyer
Liang Guanglie Defense Minister
Lamido Sanusi Central Banker
Kathi Giusti Research Advocate
Wael Ghonim Spokesman for a Revolution
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Founder
Ayman Mohyeldin Cairo Correspondent
Maria Bashir Prosecutor General
Ahmed Pasha Intelligence Chief
Nathan Wolfe Virus Hunter
Larry Page Search Giant
V S Ramachandran Brain Mapper
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