most influential people in the world

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Fathi Terbil Human Rights Lawyer

Most Influential People in the World

Most Influential People in the World
Fathi Terbil Human Rights Lawyer

In 1996, after a Libyan prison uprising, Gaddafis regime refused to release the names of the thousands of inmates they had killed. Many family members who questioned Gaddafi ended up in prison themselves. Fathi, aware of the risk, took up their case and was of course arrested not long after. His arrest, however, led to rioting and demonstrations that ended the regime of a brutal dictator.

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Founder
El General Tunisian Rapper
Katsunobu Sakurai Boat Rocker
Hillary Clinton Secretary of State
Saad Mohseni Media Mogul
Charles Chao Tech Giant
General David Petraeus Commander
Wael Ghonim Spokesman for a Revolution
Ahmed Pasha Intelligence Chief
Kathi Giusti Research Advocate
Peter Vesterbacka Game Developer
Barack Obama World Leader
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