most influential people in the world

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Barack Obama World Leader

Most Influential People in the World

Most Influential People in the World
Barack Obama World Leader

As the first black president Obama has already proven that goals we may once have thought to be impossible are in fact attainable. Although his presidency has drawn both praise and criticism he has undeniably been responsible for leading a world which has become ever so complicated both politically and economically.

Nathan Wolfe Virus Hunter
Julian Assange Muckraker
Peter Vesterbacka Game Developer
Saad Mohseni Media Mogul
Liang Guanglie Defense Minister
Amy Chua Tough Love Mom
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Founder
Takeshi Kanno Doctor
Charles Chao Tech Giant
Maria Bashir Prosecutor General
Reed Hastings Netflix CEO
Ayman Mohyeldin Cairo Correspondent
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