most influential people in the world

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Most Influential People in the World

Most Influential People in the World
11. Peter Vesterbacka Game Developer
If you are not addicted to destroying pig infested fortifications with flightless, angry birds then consider yourself lucky, because it is a hard addiction to break. And if you are, blame Peter, hes the mastermind behind the mayhem.
12. Amy Chua Tough Love Mom
After releasing her book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother Amy Chua struck a chord with American parents everywhere. In it she details her own experience raising her daughters and how she moved away from the traditional, strict Chinese approach. It drew much criticism and praise, forcing parents everywhere to consider their own methods.
13. Ahmed Pasha Intelligence Chief
Mere weeks after assuming leadership of the ISI, Pakistans intelligence agency, the 2008 bombings in Mumbai brought US-Pakistani relations to a new low. With his country becoming more fundamentalist, nationalistic, and weary of American policies, Pasha has his work cut out for him as he tries to reconcile two opposing forces.
14. Takeshi Kanno Doctor
When the tsunami hit Japan Takeshi was on the front line, refusing to be evacuated until all of his patients had been taken to safety. He didnt make it back home until three days after the earthquake, just in time for his second boy to be born, whom they named Rei. In English it implies beam of light and in Japanese, wisdom to overcome hardship.
15. Saad Mohseni Media Mogul
As one of the most influential people in Afghan media, Saad plays an important role in helping to form public opinion within the country. His willingness to speak out against the Karzai government and show women on television (something the Taliban never allowed) has certainly drawn a lot of attention to himself. Of course, he shows no sign of relenting.
16. General David Petraeus Commander
He is one of the premier soldier/scholars of our day and after over a decade of war he heads up one of the most experienced and battle-tested generations of military leaders America has ever known.
17. Ayman Mohyeldin Cairo Correspondent
Its every journalists dream, to be on the front lines of an international conflict as the world watches in anticipation. To Ayman that dream became reality as he boldly took us behind the scenes of a revolution that will surely change the course of history.
18. Charles Chao Tech Giant
In spite of Chinas infamous ban on Twitter and other microblogs due to the governments concern about the rapid proliferation of information, Chaos microblogging platform managed to find favor with the powers that be due to his keenness on keeping information the government dislikes off the internet. His platform, known as Sina Weibo is now reaching 100 million users (Twitter has 200 million) and in spite of the censorship, Chao has managed to create one of the freest forms of expression in the country.
19. Reed Hastings Netflix CEO
He was once quoted as saying, After hitchhiking across Africa with 10 bucks in your pocket starting a business doesnt seem too intimidating. This former marine and peace corps worker had the idea for Netflix after losing a rented cassette. On his way to workout he realized that the gym had a better business model than Blockbuster. For about $30 a month you could use their service however much you wanted
20. Liang Guanglie Defense Minister
While most westerners have probably never heard of him, when it comes time to talk about Chinese-American relations Guanglie is a critical component. As a career military officer, under his command the Chinese military has come out with its first aircraft carrier, stealth fighter, and made rapid advances in cyber-warfare.

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