most influential people in the world

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Reed Hastings Netflix CEO

Most Influential People in the World

Most Influential People in the World
Reed Hastings Netflix CEO

He was once quoted as saying, After hitchhiking across Africa with 10 bucks in your pocket starting a business doesnt seem too intimidating. This former marine and peace corps worker had the idea for Netflix after losing a rented cassette. On his way to workout he realized that the gym had a better business model than Blockbuster. For about $30 a month you could use their service however much you wanted

Ayman Mohyeldin Cairo Correspondent
Ahmed Pasha Intelligence Chief
Barack Obama World Leader
Larry Page Search Giant
V S Ramachandran Brain Mapper
Liang Guanglie Defense Minister
Maria Bashir Prosecutor General
General David Petraeus Commander
Fathi Terbil Human Rights Lawyer
Charles Chao Tech Giant
Amy Chua Tough Love Mom
Takeshi Kanno Doctor
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