most famous fictional robots of all time

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The Final Five Battlestar Galactica

Most Famous Fictional Robots of All Time

Most Famous Fictional Robots of All Time
The Final Five Battlestar Galactica

Created 2004,Creators Ronald D. Moore and Glen A. Larson,Actors Well, thatd be giving it away now wouldnt it.How to pick a Cylon? Athena? Boomer? Leoben? Were going to go with the reveal of the final five, particularlywell, you know who. The Cylons relationship with humanity grows more complex as disagreement arises within their ranks. And BSGs skinjobs were so real and nuanced, even they didnt know they were robots.

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Mega Man
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Marvin the Paranoid Android
R2D2 Star Wars
Robbie I Robot
Astro Boy
GLaDOS Portal
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