most extraordinary churches of the world

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Most Extraordinary Churches Of The World

Some are amazing and glorify God. Some are just plain wacky. All are interesting.
31. Don Justos Self Built Cathedral Mejorada del Campo near Madrid Spain
Justo Gallego Mart ?nez is building his very own Cathedral in Mejorada del Campo near Madrid, Spain This is no model cathedral and he is neither a qualified architect, nor engineer, nor bricklayer he is a farmer. The plans have only ever existed in my head and have evolved over time in response to opportunity and inspiration. Nor does he have formal planning permission from the authorities of Mejorada del Campo the town in which it is located (20 km from Madrid under the flight path to the Barajas airport). He has financed his work by rent from some inherited farmland some of which he has already sold. Donations from supporters and visitors are welcomed. The columns are moulded using old petrol drums, the window arches carry the marks of the tires they were moulded in and bicycle wheels have been used as pulleys.
32. Cathedral of Maringa Parana Brazil
This is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in downtown Maring , Paran , Brazil, measuring 124 m high. It was completed in 1972 and is the tallest church in South America and the 16th tallest in the world. Architect Jos Augusto Bellucci was inspired by the Soviet sputnik satellites when he projected the modern design with conical shape of the cathedral, which was idealized by the archbishop Dom Jaime Luiz Coelho.
33. Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira Cundinamarca Colombia
Catedral de Sal (Salt Cathedral) in Zipaquir , about 25 miles north of Bogot , is an underground church built in a tunnel of salt mines deep inside a salt mountain. It is built into a space left by salt mining; everything you see here is salt. As you descend into the church, you pass 14 small chapels representing the stations of the suffering of Christ. The sanctuary at the bottom has three sections, representing the birth, life, and death of Jesus. The first Salt Cathedral was consecrated in 1954, but structural problems and safety concerns led the authorities to shut down the sanctuary in 1990. The current church was built between 1991 and 1996 about 200 feet below the old sanctuary, again using caves left behind by previous mining operations.
34. Bruder Klaus Chapel Mechernich southern Germany
A concrete chapel on the edge of a field in Mechernich, southern Germany, built by local farmers in honor of their patron saint, the 15th century hermit Bruder Klaus according to icon.
35. Written Stone Monastery Romania
Local tradition confesses that,during the construction of a railway , at the opening of the a tunnel, it was found an icon painted in stone representing the Holy Trinity. The monastery was built at the opening of the tunnel The monastery was built at the opening of the tunnel on the rock.
36. Church of St George Lalibela Ethiopia
Possibly the most famous of Lalibeli s churches, the Church of St. George is completely carved out of stone in the shape of a cross.
37. Trendsetters Church Phoenix AZ USA
Trendsetters Church in Phoenix, AZ, built in 1973 by Neil Frisby as Capstone Cathedral. I m sure Neil Frisby visited Egypt just before designing this church.
38. Chapel in the Rock Arizona USA
This facinating Roman Catholic church is literally built into the rock. The views from outside are unbelievable but the serenity inside is awesome Some say, that Chapel in the Rock can move even the non religious.
39. The Wireman Chapel at Eckerd College St Petersburg Florida USA
A kid on the tour to Eckerd College once said it looked like a Jesus spider from outer space.
40. Saint Michel d Aiguilhe chapel Le Puy en Velay France
Perhaps one of the most remarkable sights in France, a chapel perched on a volcanic plug. This is the Rock of Aiguilhe, on the edge of the town of Puy en Velay, in the Auvergne. The Chapelle Saint Michel has stood there for 1042 years, since Bishop Gothescalk had it built in 962 on his return from a pilgrimage to Santiago del Compostella in Galicia. In 1955 workers found relics under the alter that had been there since it was built.

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