most expensive motorcycles

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Most Expensive Motorcycles

the Titanium Series the Ti XX is billed as the most expensive motorcycle in the world.
71. 1946 Indian Chief
US$143,750 In the bookMcQueens Machines: The Cars and Bikes of a Hollywood IconbyMatt Stone, McQueen biographer William Nolan conveys that in the fall of 1951, McQueen had saved enough money to buy a battered cycle with a sidecar (removed at an unstated time), which he proudly tooled around the (Greenwich) Village. It was my first bike and I loved it, admitted Steve. But I was going with a girl who began to hate the cycle
72. 1972 MV Agusta 750S
US$143,661 (sold for
73. F B Mondial 250 Bialbero 250cc Grand Prix Racer
US$143,000 The winning bike in the1957 World 250cc Motorcycle Championship, this F.B. Mondial 250 Bialbero GP bike is one of three bikes produced the three DOHC single cylinder machines finished in the first three places of the championship withCecil Sandford,Tarquinio ProviniandSammy Milleraboard, before Mondial withdrew from Grand Prix Racing at the end of the year.
74. 1928 Excelsior Big Bertha
US$143,000 March, 2015Las Vegas, U.S.
75. 1995 Ferrari 900cc
US$139,066 (sold for
76. 1957 Gilera 500cc GP Racer Re creation
US$138,667 (sold for GBP
77. 1912 Marsh Metz
US$137,500 Sold as part of the Otis Chandler Collection, this is one of Americas most important motorcycles, the Marsh Metz was one of the many wonderful inventions to come from the fertile mind of Charles Herman Metz, one of the pioneers of the American motorcycle industry. Metz co founded Americas first motorcycle company, the Waltham Manufacturing Company (WMC) in 1893. Waltham began manufacturing bicycles, expanding into motorcycle manufacturing just before the turn of the century, and subsequently into automobile production.
78. 1911 Minneapolis Model N Tricar
US$137,500 Sold as part of the Otis Chandler Collection, this 1911 Minneapolis Model N Tricar has a special place in the history of the American motorcycle, having emanated from the Michaelson Motorcycle Company, a pioneering company in what was once the home of motorcycle companies such as Wagner, Thiem, and Cyclone. The four Michaelson brothers (Jack, Walter, Joe and Anton) developed a motorcycle whose design was one of the freshest and most advanced of its time, and the tri car one of the most cost efficient in the world at the time.
79. 1973 Ducati 750SS
US$137,000 When Paul Smart and Bruno Spaggiari scored their famous 1 2 victory at the Imola 200 in 1972, Ducatis V twin dynasty began. Just over 400 of the resulting 750SS Green Frame street versions were produced in 1973 74, though how many have survived the ensuing 40 years is unclear. It didnt take long for attrition to thin the numbers as racers utilized the lusty horsepower delivered by the unique desmodromic valvetrain and massive 40mm carburetors. In the United States, the exploits of Cycles 750SS road racer, tuned by Phil Schilling and ridden by Cook Neilson, were detailed in the pages of the magazine, helping spread the word.
80. 1959 Benelli 248cc GP Racer
This bike firstsold at auction in 2006 for GBP

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