most expensive motorcycles

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Most Expensive Motorcycles

the Titanium Series the Ti XX is billed as the most expensive motorcycle in the world.
51. 1954 BMW Rennsport RS54 Sidecar
US$167,800 This 1954 BMW Rennsport RS54 Sidecar is identical to the machine which won the 1954 World Sidecar Championship with subsequent evolutions of the machine dominating the title for the next six years.
52. 1948 Indian 648 Big Base
US$165,000 One of only seven factory Big Base Daytona Scouts believed to exist and identical to the bike on which Floyd Emde won the 1948 Daytona 200 at a then record speed of 84.01 miles per hour. The Big Base took its name from its enlarged oil capacity, thanks to a large sump cast in the rear.
53. 1901 Indian F Head Single
US$165,000 The first Indian prototype was completed on May 24, 1901 and shipped to Springfield to be demonstrated to investors on the famous Cross Street hill. Following a successful fund raising, the first machine was dismantled for evaluation and many of its parts used in the creation of two subsequent prototypes. One machine toured velodrome exhibitions throughout the northeast of the United States, while the third prototype, this machine, was shipped to London for the 1901 Stanley Bicycle Show.
54. 1915 Militaire Four
This 1915 Militaire Model 2 is a fascinating and unconventional four cylinder motorcycle with an equally fascinating history as it was developed through several manufacturers. Estimated to fetch between $130,000 and $150,000,it sold for $165,000. Interestingly, the bike resold on the day of the auction for $65,000 more.
55. 1966 URS 498cc Racing Sidecar
US$164,228 (sold for
56. 1924 BMW 493cc R32
US$163,438 (sold for EUR109,250) Designed by Chief Engineer Max Friz and launched in 1923, the R32 was the first motorcycle to be sold as a BMW and featured a 493cc, twin cylinder, sidevalve, horizontally opposed twin, a configuration that would forever be associated with the marque.
57. 1926 Coventry Eagle Flying 8
$162,140 (sold for
58. 1909 Pierce Four
US$161,000 Americas first four cylinder motorcycle, the Pierce was manufactured by the Pierce Arrow Motor Car Company at its factory in Buffalo, New York. Although inspired by the Belgian FN four, one of which Percy Pierce had brought to the USA in 1908, the Pierce differed in detail design, its engine eschewing the FNs atmospheric inlet valves in favor of mechanical side valves in T head configuration, a arrangement FN themselves would later use.
59. 1894/1895 Hildebrand & Wolfm
US$161,000 Manufactured in Germany, the Hildebrand & Wolfm
60. 1934 Crocker Speedway Bike
The precursor to the famous Crocker v twin, Albert Crocker built just 31 speedway bikes before turning his hand to the bikes which made him a global name. This is one of them, and not surprisingly, they dont appear at auction very often. MidAmerica sold the last one to appear at auction in Las Vegas in 2011 for $151,200.This 1934 Crocker Speedway Racer (Lot S73)was estimated to fetch between $150,000 and $180,000 and sold for $159,500.

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