most expensive motorcycles

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Most Expensive Motorcycles

the Titanium Series the Ti XX is billed as the most expensive motorcycle in the world.
41. 1928 Windhoff 746cc Four
US$199,292 (Sold for GBP
42. 1924 Montgomery Anzani 8/38hp
US$194,739 (sold for
43. 1962 Honda CR72 Production Racer
We considered putting this bike into the listing as it sold for $180,000 plus buyers commission at Las Vegas in 2009, but after a chat with Ron Christensen of Mecum MidAmerica, we found that the bike was passed in at a high bid of $150,000 and the sale was negotiated after the auction.
44. 1973 Harley Davidson 750cc XRTT
US$187,500 Mid America, which auctioned this bike, is now part of Mecum, and the on line links to the Mid America auction pages no longer work, but fortunately, this bike was auctioned twice. The first time it was auctioned was in March, 2006 byJ. Wood & Company, where the bike fetched US$176,000 at an auction during Daytona Speed Week. It has hence been auctioned twice within the top 100 motorcycle prices of all time and theres a good reason for that.
45. 1907 Indian Tri car
One of the true classics in the Cole collection, this 1907 Indian Tri Car With Sedan Chair is for all intents, a chauffeured armchair. It was made in the period where personal transportation was still finding its way, and is possibly the only tri car in the world from this period that retains its original chair and upholstery. Estimated to sell between $155,000 and $175,000, it fetched $181,500
46. 1930 Harley Davidson Factory Hillclimber
One of Harley Davidsons most successful and important racing machines, the DAH hillclimber is among the very few pre Knucklehead OHV models produced, winning three national hillclimb titles. Only 25 of these specialised racers were produced between 1929 33, and this machine has a documented competition history ridden by Windy Lindstrom, and it was also used by sculptor Jeff Decker as a model for his famous statue The Hillclimber, which sits outside the Harley Davidson museum. The 1930 Harley Davidson Factory Hillclimber sold for $181,500
47. 1936 Harley Davidson EL
US$165,000 While the Knucklehead is recognized today as an iconic motorcycle, Harley was not confident of introducing such a radical machine and the EL wasnt listed in the 1936 catalog or advertising. Indeed, the first production year saw significant changes and improvements to the EL, which vexes restorers to this day.
48. 1934 Indian Sport Scout
This 1934 Indian Sport Scout sold for US$177,500 at aBonhams sale of Steve McQueen Sale of Collectors Motorcycles & Memorabiliain San Francisco in 2006. Another motorcycle in the top 100 with Steve McQueen as part of its provenance, Indian was McQueens favourite marque.
49. 1955 Vincent Victor Series D prototype
US$176,801 (sold for GBP
50. 1978 Ducati 900 NCR
US$175,500 Located close to the Ducati factory in the Borgo Panigale district of Bologna, ItalysNCRwas Ducatis original, albeit external, racing department and the machine above is one of the small batch of 25 machines created by NCR for homologation purposes for the Formula 1 class of the 1978 Formula TT World Championships

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