most expensive motorcycles

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Most Expensive Motorcycles

the Titanium Series the Ti XX is billed as the most expensive motorcycle in the world.
31. 1928 Coventry Eagle Flying 8
US$265,500 One of only a relative handful of overhead valve Flying 8s known to survive worldwide, the model represented Brough Superiors most credible rival in terms of quality, performance and price. The Flying 8 was powered by a 980cc JAP v twin engine and built a fine sporting reputation thanks to its racing achievements, with its name derived from the engines RAC rating of 8 horsepower.
32. 1954 AJS Porcupine
US$259,551 (sold for GBP
33. 1928 Indian Altoona
US$247,500 The Altoona Speedway was a 1.25 mile (2 km) board track located in central Pennsylvania which was the home of the American Board Track Championship races during the 1920s. Winning Altoona was so important that a winning machine might adopt the track name as its own, as was the case with many other bikes and cars which won at other famous venues such Daytona, Bonneville, TT and IOM, Le Mans ad infinitum. On July 9, 1926, Curley Fredericks lapped Altoona at an average speed of 114 mph (183 km/h) in a race, the highest speed ever recorded on a circular track, and the Indian racer was immediately dubbed the Altoona.
34. 1941 Crocker Big Tank
US$230,000 January 2007Las Vegas, U.S.
35. 1925 BMW R37
US$235,400 The R37 is the bike which established BMWs racing heritage in its first year on the racing scene, and it is also one of rarest of the breed. When released in 1925, it was the first motorcycle anywhere to be powered by an engine with aluminium cylinder heads. The light alloy heads and overhead valves helped double the horsepower of BMWs existing twin of the same capacity and it took the BMW to the front of the pack in European racing. BMW racked up 91 European race wins in 1925, 105 in 1926 and 171 in 1927, winning the 500cc German championship title every year to 1929.
36. 1912 Henderson Four
Thisultra rare first year 1912 Henderson 4is believed to be one of six surviving machines. An older restoration, the bike was purchased from Cape Town, South Africa in 1983 and thirty years later, it became one of the 50 most valuable motorcycles ever sold when it fetched $236,500.
37. 1954 BMW RS54
US$224,078 One of only twenty four production racers manufactured by BMW, originally raced with success by the German rider Alois Huber, and later by Ernst Hiller and Lothar John. When new it was equipped with the 66 x 72 mm long stroke engine producing 48 bhp, however this was replaced during the 1960s by the later, more powerful factory short stroke engine with the 70 x 64 mm bore and stroke.
38. 1909 Curtiss twin
US$214,000 Not the first Curtiss motorcycle to enter the top 100 most expensive motorcycles and certainly not the last, this 1909 Curtiss twin was aone family since new barn findcreated by one of the most significant American inventors, aviators, engineers and entrepreneurs in history.
39. 1917 Henderson 4
The Henderson Four was the first production motorcycle capable of 100 mph (161 km/h) and many celebrity owners ensued, amongst them Henry Ford (who bought a 1917 model just like this one) and aviator Charles Lindberg. The most important celebrity owner for motorcycle enthusiasts is of course, Steve McQueen andthis bike (Lot S95 at the EJ Cole Collection auction)was formerly owned by McQueen and purchased at the Steve McQueen estate auction in Las Vegas in 1984. Estimated to sell for between $125,000 and $200,000, it fetched $209,000.
40. 1911 Flying Merkel
US$201,250 This time warp 1911 Flying Merkel Twin was sold untouched from now exactly 100 years after it began service as part of the Lee Roy Hartung Collection in 2011. Testimony to the old adage they dont make them like they used to, the big v twins original paint and lettering had hardly faded, and it is believed to be one of the most original examples in existence.

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