most dangerous animal in the world

Most Dangerous Animal in the World

Deadly Animals That KILL the Most Humans. This ranking shows up facts about sharks, jellyfish, cape
1. Deathstalker
This highly venomous scorpion residing primarily in North Africa and the Middle East is responsible for over 75% of scorpion related deaths every year. Although healthy adults usually only feel unbearable pain, children that are envenomated suffer fever, coma, convulsions, and paralysis before their lungs fill up and they drown in their own fluids.
2. Africanized Honey Bee
An experiment gone wrong, in 1957 a Brazilian bee keeper who was trying to interbreed European and African honey bees accidently let some of his petsget away. Much more aggressive than their European counterparts, these genetically mixed killer beeshave since then spread through out the Americas. They have come to be feared in some regions because of their tendency to swarm relentlessly and aggressively chase their victims for miles.
3. Rhinoceros
Rhino related deaths are not an uncommon occurrence in many parts of the world. Having terrible eyesight, they are easy to startle and once they have you in their sights it can be hard to make an escape (unless you can run faster than 40 mph). See the horn? Enough said.
4. Cone Snail
One drop of venom from this little bugger is enough to end 20 human lives. Sometimes colloquially known as the cigarette snail,it has been said that when you are stung by this creature, youll have just about enough time to smoke a cigaret before you stop breathing. Its not like it matters anyway thoughthere is no antivenom.
5. Stonefish
Lying camouflaged on the ocean floor, this ugly little mass of destruction calmly waits for other fish to swim by before opening its jaws with lightning speed and consuming its preyall in less than .015 seconds. Also known as the worlds most venomous fish, stepping on its spines will at best cost you your leg and at worst, your life.
6. Great White Shark
These legendary predators have a terrible time distinguishing between the edible and the nonedible. There chosen method? Sampling. They sample buoys, boats, surfboards, humans, anything that floats. Contrary to popular belief, however, they really arent maneaters. Humans are too bony, and after the initial bite, they usually leave you to bleed out in the water.
7. Black Mamba
One of the most feared creatures in the world, some experts have even called it death incarnate.In Africa it is the source of numerous myths and legends and it is widely known for being highly aggressive, very fast, and attacking without provocation.
8. Cape Buffalo
Having never been successfully domesticated, this highly unpredictable creature does not play nice with humans. Throughout Africa it is known as the widowmakeror black deathand is responsible for more fatalities every year than any other large animal on the continent.
9. Poison Dart Fog
Packed into 2 inches of colorful amphibian is enough poison to kill an army of 20,000 mice. This means that with roughly 2 micrograms, or the amount that would fit on a pinhead, you could successfully stop the heart of a large animal. And to make matters worse, the poison is actually located on the surface of the skin. You seriously cant touch this.
10. Polar Bear
Unlike most other animals on this list, the worlds largest carnivore is not afraid of you. It has no natural predators and will eat anything that is even slightly meaty, including other polar bears. Although they generally dont kill humans, its probably because there arent many of them around to kill.

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