most bizarre hollywood dystopias

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Blade Runner 1982

Most Bizarre Hollywood Dystopias

Most Bizarre Hollywood Dystopias. Science fiction is unique in that it can ask and attempt to answe
Blade Runner 1982

Blade Runners dystopia isnt necessarily the main thrust of the film, serving more as a murky backdrop for the story being told, but theres no denying that the films world is not one that is appealing.The administering of emotional examinations to determine the replicants from the humans is the most troubling element of the film. None of the replicants are particularly robotic, and all display a desire to live, to find happiness. This exploration of what it means to be a person is an important theme, and the arbitrary distinctions that are made should be disturbing.

Blade Runner 1982
Total Recall 1990
District 9 2009
Fahrenheit 451 1966
Daybreakers 2009
Elysium 2013
Nineteen Eighty Four 1984
Planet of the Apes 1968
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A Clockwork Orange 1971
Wall E 2008
V for Vendetta 2005
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