most beautiful valleys in the world

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Valley of Flowers Uttarakhand

Most Beautiful Valleys In The World

The world is a wonderful place with lots of wonderful places to visit .
Valley of Flowers Uttarakhand

The valley of flowers is a beautiful land situated in the high himalayas of Chamolidistrictof Uttarakhand. When the sun shines hot in the sky thousands of different beautiful flowers bloom in the land of outstanding natural beauty. valley of flowers also hostNanda Deviand valley of flowersnational park, which is home to rare and endangeredwild animals, including thesnow leopard,brown bear, Asiatic black bear and blue sheep. A trek of about 17 km requires to get into the valley of flowers from joshimath in garhwal. Anothervalleysin this region is doon valley, located in sivalik hills in Dehradun.

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