Most Amazing Streets in the World
The Most Amazing streets are some of the most magnificent boulevards and avenues on the planet.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Steepest Street New Zealand
Baldwin Street in Dunedin New Zealand boasts the steepest street. New Zealand has many cities built on or around mountainous and hilly areas and Dunedin is no exception. This street (and many others in New Zealand) were designed by British town planners who had never been to the country. They simply overlaid a grid pattern on the map and had no idea that they had made impossible or ridiculous design choices. The slope on Baldwin street has a 35% grade. The road is so steep that at the top it is made of concrete because the usual road surfacing material used in New Zealand (asphalt) would slide down the street in hot weather.

La Rambla Barcelona Spain
Paseo de la Reforma Mexico City Mexico
Pan American Highway
SichuanTibet Highway
Cotopaxi Volcano Road Ecuador
Ebenezer Place Scotland
Piccadilly Circus London UK
PatiopouloPerdikaki Road

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