most amazing fountains around the world

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Tap fountain Menorca

Most Amazing Fountains Around The World

A collection of the Top Most Awesome Fountains Around The World which will amaze everyone .
Tap fountain Menorca

The floating tap fountain is a clever illusion. It consist of a faucet mysteriously hovering above a pool or basin with an endless supply of water gushing out of it from seemingly nowhere. The faucet remains surprisingly steady despite having no visible support and where is all this water coming from.This spectacular effect is achieved by a transparent tube in the middle of the water column that holds the tap in place and at the same time keeps feeding it with water pumped from below. The water goes up through the tube and exits at the top. The water column which is usually turbulent effectively hides the tube from view.Several giant floating tap fountains can be found around Spain Belgium US Canada and other parts of the world. Some are permanent installation others are temporary art pieces. The one below is located at Aqualand Puerto de Santa Mar

Mercury Fountain Barcelona Spain
Fonte do Ibirapuera Sao Paulo Brazil
Fountain of Rings Omni Hotel CNN Center
Banpo Bridge Han Rive Korea
Jet d Eau Geneva
Samson Fountain Russia
King Fahd Fountain Saudi Arabia
Crown Fountain Millenium Park Chicago
largest musical fountain Xian
Swarovski Fountain Austria
Peterhof Fountain Saint Petersburg
Vaillancourt Fountain Armand Vaillancourt
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