Meerabais matchless love for God


Meera was a Hindu mystic poet and devotee of Krishna. She was one of the most significant Sants.
Meerabais matchless love for God

I remember on another occasion, during another Trayee session, Swami had explained beautifully to Koustubh the meaning and emotion of every line of the song which he used to sing. In fact, it had been Swami who had inspired him to compose the tune for that bhajan in the Darbari raag. He explained about the climax of the song in this manner,Meerabai feels that her life is worthless if she is unable to glimpse her Lord Krishna. She rushes to the threshold of the sanctum and begins to bang her forehead on it. She implores to Krishna that she is His servant forever and curses her mind and intellect that are blinding her to her heart where her darling resides. She continues to bang her head...As Swami explained this to Koustubh, He moved His head vigorously to show how Meerabai banged her head! He seemed to be totally lost in her devotion. He continued to say,Instead of death, she gets the vision of Krishna. She feels she cannot live without Krishna but even Krishna cannot live without her...And there is a tear in the divine eye!I still remember, the very next day in Trayee Brindavan, a screening of the movie, Meera, with the legendary M.S.Subbalakshmi playing the lead role, was arranged. MS was an ardent devotee of Baba and Swami couldnt contain this double-devotee (Meera-MS) delight that the movie was. It was a moving session for all. It made my respect and awe for Meera grow. I wished to develop an iota of her love and pining - something which even the Lord thirsted for!As Koustubh confesses, many were the occasions when Swami had spoken to him about Meeras pining. And on every occasion when he sang, Swami made it a point to tell him,You are singing Meeras bhajan but you do not have those feelings.

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