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Kensington Pride

Mango Varieties

Kensington Pride

Kensington Pride (syn. Pride of Bowen, Bowen Special) is the number one commercial variety in Australia. This heavy bearing medium sized tree grows to an average height of 15 - 25. The fruit is smooth and colorful with a bright yellow skin and a red blush. The flesh is soft and juicy with a sweet aromatic flavor, and just a slight amount of fiber. The fruit is consumed ripe out of hand and is also well suited for pickles and sweet preserves at the firm-green stage. In Queensland, Kensington Pride is the leading commercial cultivar in the drier areas. In humid regions it is anthracnose-prone and requires spraying. It is thought to have been introduced by traders in Bowen who were shipping horses for military use in India. It may be called because of its color, Apple or Strawberry. Flesh is orange, thick, nearly fiberless, juicy, of rich flavor. This cultivar is classified as mid-season. The fruit matures from early to mid-November. Polyembryonic. The fruit ships well but the tree is not a dependable nor heavy bearer. It has an oval crown and unusually sweet-scented leaves.

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