mango varieties

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Mango Varieties


This exotic variety has extremely sweet, rich and unique taste. It is very popular in Jamaica as well as in Western India, where it is known as Pairi. To determine when to pick, look for a slight yellow color on bottom of fruit. As the name would suggest, it originated from seeds brought to the island by early immigrants from India, and the fruit and tree are similar in shape, taste and habit to the Paheri of India. The fruit range from 12 to 14 oz. and remain a deep green color even when ready to eat. When exposed to the sun they often develop a dull red shoulder. The flesh is a deep orange, melting and juicy with no hint of fiber. The flavor is rich and spicy, reminiscent of the finest of the Indian dessert types. The tree is vigorous, open growing and forms a large, handsome tree. Consistent fruiting under South Florida conditions. The fruit can be cut around the middle, twisted to separate into two halves and eaten with a spoon.

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