management mantras

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Management Mantras

41. Team Outings
From time to time, the leader of the team must organize team outings. If possible, hire a professional who can organize some team games. We have seen very exciting results when each team member opens up and starts having greater trust in each other. This also helps to reduce the stress levels of individuals
42. Plan and Prioritize
First and foremost, for effective time management plan your day, spend 10 minutes in the morning and list down all the tasks you would like to do. Prioritize the tasks as per the urgency and importance. Put all the tasks which are urgent and important on top priority followed by tasks which are important but not so urgent and so on.
43. Findout Prime Time
Some people are more active (Prime Time) during morning and some like to work late in the night. Most research shows that tasks that requiret mental concentration are most effectively accomplished early in the day, but this is not always true. Go by what you feel. Plan your tasks in such a way that tasks which are more challenging are planned during your prime time.
44. Avoid Interruptions
Many times when we are in the middle of something important, our mobile rings and takes away the attention from the task. It's not possible to completely ignore it, but try to minimize your interruptions. For every interruption, you lose your precious time, you have to stop the work and waste time in recalling where you were before you can restart.
45. Delegate
Most of us feel that by delegating, we will end up spending more time but that's not true; delegate those tasks which can be accomplished by your juniors. Remember, this is your responsibility to bring up your juniors and provide them opportunities to grow. This will make you save a lot of your own precious time where you can think of long term strategies
46. Avoid Stress
Do not wait till your deadline arrives; plan your activities in such a way that you keep some buffer. If you experience stress, take a break, there is no point going on and on. This will make you tired early and you need to spend much more time to complete the same tasks. Dealing with stress is an important part of time management
47. Balance work
Your body and mind needs time to re-energize. You would have experienced that many times it takes much longer to complete similar tasks; this is due to the imbalance we tend to create with us. Plan your day in such a way that you give equal importance to your personal and professional life.
48. Utilize Idle time
While we are travelling or waiting for something to happen, we can utilize this time for doing tasks which do not require too much of concentration. Recognize and make use of this time, this can definitely improve your time management.
49. Avoid multi tasking
We are all humans and can't really do too many things at the same time.We have to realize this. If you attempt to do so, you will find that you make mistakes and waste your time in taking corrective actions.
50. Procrastination
This is the most common mistake we all commit. We generally tend to postpone the tasks that are either boring or too difficult. Later the work piles up and generates stress. The best way to deal with this is to first acknowledge that you indeed procrastinate. Then figure out the reasons and take corrective actions.

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