management mantras

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Management Mantras

31. Reward at right time
We must reward our team members at the right time and not wait till person is so frustrated that he start looking for another options. This will also show that how much you care for your team.
32. Personal Touch
Before we start any project, it's a good practice to get together with the team and understand their family background and if anyone would like to share any of their personal issues. In the beginning, the leader of the team talks of himself and then asks each one of the team members to speak. The leader may note down certain key points for future reference. This will lay down a good foundation for the team to work together.
33. Brainstorm
In the beginning of any project, brainstorm with the team and explore what each one of your team members would like to do. Distribute work in such a way which takes care of individual interests and strengths. Ask everyone to talk and share their opinions.
34. Team Vision
One of the key factors for a successful team is to work towards a common vision. Discuss and define the vision for the team right in the beginning of the project. The team vision is to ensure that each one of the team members is aligned towards meeting project objectives
35. Involvement
To be successful as a team, we must listen to everyone's point of view and ensure that all the key decisions are taken with due consideration of the opinions of the team. This will promote ownership and each team member will feel part of the process.
36. Trust
In a team, this is the most important factor which actually decides the success or failure of the project. The leader of the team must ensure that each team member avoids talking behind each other's back, to promote openness and to be honest. This is a process and will take some time to build trust, but as a leader we have to ensure that we move in the right directions.
37. Promote openness
Encourage participation in meetings and motivate the team to ask questions. Each member of the team must not be scared to ask any question, this will be possible if we as a manager promote the openness and encourage all to participate.
38. Help each other
Each one of team members will have certain areas of expertise. Explore and let your team know where one can seek help within the team. This will not only promote teamwork, but also help to create subject matter experts in the long run.
39. Create Sub Teams
Most likely the project work will be divided in smaller teams depending on the nature of the tasks. The leader of the team must ensure that goals of each team are aligned to the project goals, and leader also has checkpoints to ensure that each team is working in the right direction.
40. Celebrate Success 2
Every success must be celebrated with the team, we may just have a small get together, and the leader of the team must talk about the success story and also share the name of the key contributors. This may be followed by a token of appreciation in terms of small gifts or certificates signed by the leader. Celebration is a vital part of project management.

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